No matter what skin you have - we have a product that shows positive results.

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Our consulting and formulating division is called SASA Cosmetics and Consulting Company LLC where we have the full capability to develop a complete skincare line tailored to your salon's or spa's needs.

Formulating - Consulting - Private Label - Troubleshooting - Improving exisiting formulas - Ayurvedic line called SkinvedaTM- Analytical services - all under one roof by a professional team of R &D chemists with masters' degree in chemistry and over 9 years of cosmetic industry experience.

Our SkinvedaTM line of natural, organic, non-animal tested, non-comedogenic products is sure to wow you with the results.

Our Skincare line is now in Whole Foods stores and is receiving a lot of attention. We do weekly demos and giveaway free samples and do facials. To learn more about our demo schedules and locations, please become a fan on our facebook page!... read more

Our Products

skinveda products

We offer a wide range of products
customized to your skin type. Ayurveda does not distinguish skin by just oily, dry, sensitive.. We, therefore, ask you to spend just 2 minutes to answer the questionnaire to reveal your skin regimen.

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Our Services

skinveda services

we provides 3 types of services:

  1. SkinvedaTM – Ayurvedic scientifically researched Skin-Care
  2. Consulting – Assist with private label, troubleshooting, new product development.
  3. Physicians’ Line – From physical sunscreen, to Anti-Aging Peptide serums, we have it all and will even develop a product to your specification.

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"I love the BBcream, and the sculpting cream. I was surprised at how fast I saw results with the sculpting cream. It's amazing to see the cellulite reduced so much on my thighs. I love the new pump too on the bottle, so much easier to dispense the product. The BB cream is the best I have used so far. I tried all the over-the- counter ones and found them to be chalky and made my skin greasy at the end of the day. Skinveda BB cream is matte and keeps my skin feeling clean all day. It also blends perfectly with dark brown complexion. It's a keeper!"
Jamie P Interior designer

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